I'm Mel. 18 years old and still trying to figure out who I'm supposed to be. Yeah I have problems of my own, but doesn't everyone? BMI: 16.1...

September 19th

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May 22nd
May 22nd Tucson
May 22nd

I think I may start posting color stuff on here. But I’m not sure. I’m gonna test it out and see what happens. Haha

May 22nd

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May 22nd tinyscrawls:

edited by me :3 sorry if it’s already been done!!
May 22nd
May 22nd
lettremuette-deactivated2014081 asked: You're so beautiful, ❤️

Thank youuu! ❤️

March 28th jazzygirlfitnesscandy:

TRIGGER WARNING - Enter With Caution
February 1st ohhmel:

Thanks Nylon for the complimentary samples #meetmeinmalibu #juicycouture #perfume